The Jewel of the South Coast... 
Christian's Minde

Situated in Booderee
National Park,
Jervis Bay - opposite
beautiful Sussex Inlet 


Sussex Inlet

You'll find the town of Sussex Inlet on the west bank of Sussex Inlet, a narrow inlet connecting Wreck Bay to St Georges Basin. On the east bank of the Inlet is the Booderee National Park - and, of course, Christian's Minde! 

Sussex Inlet is home to about 3,000 people who love their relaxed lifestyle on the water, and it's also a magnet for avid fishermen or those who enjoy boating. The township has a local cinema, two licensed clubs, a supermarket and a range of specialty shops. 

The satellite picture below shows the location of Christian's Minde and also the street and reserve named in honour of the Ellmoos pioneering family: Ellmoos Avenue and Ellmoos Reserve.


Sussex Inlet and the Ellmoos Family

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Beautiful National Parks,
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