The Jewel of the South Coast... 
Christian's Minde

Situated in Booderee
National Park,
Jervis Bay - opposite
beautiful Sussex Inlet 


Christian's Minde Wildlife

To reach Christian's Minde, visitors need to come across from Sussex Inlet by boat, or drive through the Booderee National Park. Guests find that Christian's Minde is the perfect base from which to enjoy bushwalks to see abundant flowering plants, birds and other wildlife - including, of course, the kangaroos that overseas tourists love so much.

You'll find that a network of walking and fire trails give you access to most areas of the park. Conditions are good for walking, with a year-round mild climate, clearly marked trails and a gentle terrain. You can choose a walk that fits your level of fitness (or energy!) with distances ranging from just a couple of hundred metres to several kilometres.

As you walk along the trails, you'll see a wide variety of birds - honeyeaters, bristlebirds, rosellas and even white-bellied sea-eagles.

It's common to hear the rustling and thumping of kangaroos bounding through the bush, and if you're quiet you'll see one or two on the trails... but at Christian's Minde kangaroos gather in groups every afternoon, and make their way to the grassy area near the jetty.  You can sit on the verandah of The Cottage enjoying a late afternoon drink and watch while they hop past you and stop to nibble on the grass.

Here are the kind of photos you can expect to take as the wallabies and kangaroos congregate just metres away from you.

kangaroos at Christian's Minde




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